Alice Bands are named after Lewis Carrolls' character from Alice in Wonderland.  She, if you remember, wore a band in her hair to keep it off her face without tying it back.

The name has become synonymous with the item shown here and has remained hugely popular for flower girls all over the world.

They are versatile, comfortable, and can be made to match the wedding flowers, but can be worn afterwards to parties and playtime!

Alice bands are often more reasonably priced than a full circle headress, depending upon how 'fussy' you want it to be.  Pearls can be added, the band ribboned or more expensive flowers used.

If you are looking after your budget, the flowers can be simply attached to the plain, clear band, which is virtually invisible once in place.

Satin Blossoms on half-ribbonned bands

15mm mulberry paper roses on clear band

Full-ribbonned band with 10mm mulberry paper roses and pearls

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    Vanessa Gill has 25 years experience in Wedding Floristry and now works in Northern France, sending her designs across the world


    January 2013