Matching Bridesmaids Posies & Headresses

When you choose artificial flowers, makes sense to have matching bridesmaids posies and headresses.
This helps to keep a theme running through the wedding, ensuring consistency.  

Artificial flowers for the bridesmaids, especially flower girls, eliminate the worry of wasps and bees around their heads if it is a hot day, which, of course, you hope it will be :) 

In this example, we used tiny, mulberry paper roses, in alternating colours.  The Bride carried a posy of ivory and red foam roses, and wanted the flower girl to carry just red, as her dress was ivory with a red sash.

Mulberry paper roses are available in a large selection of colours and two sizes - 10mm and 15mm (pictured above)

Pink and Ivory
Navy Blue and Ivory
When thinking of ordering matching bridesmaids posies and headresses, always check the sizes.  It is worth noting that an average sized circle headress for a flower girl aged 2-6 years is 16inches.  For a teen-adult it is 18inches.  

To measure, run a tape measure around the head where you would like the headress to sit.  If you cant find a tape, do the same thing with a length of ribbon or string, then measure that!

Similarly, the average size for a flower girls posy is 6inches across and a bridesmaids posy 8inches across.

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