Blue flowers for a wedding are notoriously difficult.  Not because there are no blue flowers around, but there is a limited choice if you are hoping for the right shade of blue!

Delphiniums are a beautiful shade, however, can be seasonal and, therefore, costly at certain times of the year.  Gentiana are another example of a lovely blue flower, but are, like delphiniums, on the small side, so would work much better when mixed with a larger focal flower.

A wonderful, and far less stressful way to incorporate blue flowers for a wedding, would be with the use of artificial blooms, or with accent blue highlights in white or ivory flower bouquets.  This can easily be achieved with blue crystals or pearls.  It is crucial, however, to choose your accessories in the exact shade of the bridesmaids dresses.

A useful measure is to use the same fabric as for the bridesmaids dresses.  If they need to be altered, and they very often do, make sure your dressmaker keeps the offcuts for you to give to your florist.  You would be surprised at how little is required for those, all important touches.  Many manufacturers will sell pieces of fabric by the metre for this purpose and it is worth asking your chosen bridal shop to enquire for you.  This may cost in the region of £20 or so per metre, but will be well worth the extra cost!

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